martes, 9 de junio de 2009

Showing Events

Image Galleries, Videos, Maps, Charts, are essential controls for data visualization.
Applications today need to deal and visualize a lot of rich data. Probably one of the most recurrent data pattern is an Event Collection, basically you have a chronological serie of events and you need to show them in a rich way.

A common way to showing these data is a Scheduler control , we have been working in a really cool user control in order to give Genexus users the availability of showing this data pattern.

Some screenshots:

Month View
Adding events directly in the control
Day View

How to load events? Using a DataProvider.

The control raise AJAX events like EventAdded, EventUpdated, EventDeleted so that you could update your datastore on them.

We continue working on it but it'll be available very soon.

martes, 2 de junio de 2009

You can do it using Genexus

Some days ago Gustavo unveiled some screen shots of our new User Interface for Genexus Server and today you can start trying it online 

You need a Genexus Technical user account in order to start browsing all the knowledge in Genexus Server .

Marcos was guessing how we did this product. The answer : We are using Genexus.

At the end the GX Server UI is a web application so we decided to use Genexus to develop it and Genexus Server  to host it and work with our team on this KB.  At the end of the day we are doing bootstrapping  and dog fooding of the Genexus IDE and Genexus Server.

We can summarize our architecture with the following figure:

The Genexus Visualizer and the Authorization & Authentication modules have been written with Genexus. 

Some days ago Google previewed the Google Wave showing us a lot of cool stuff we can do in a web browser, they mantra was: “You can do it in a web browser” ,  I’ll modify this phrase for this post and say: “You can do it easily with Genexus and browse it in a web browser”