martes, 9 de junio de 2009

Showing Events

Image Galleries, Videos, Maps, Charts, are essential controls for data visualization.
Applications today need to deal and visualize a lot of rich data. Probably one of the most recurrent data pattern is an Event Collection, basically you have a chronological serie of events and you need to show them in a rich way.

A common way to showing these data is a Scheduler control , we have been working in a really cool user control in order to give Genexus users the availability of showing this data pattern.

Some screenshots:

Month View
Adding events directly in the control
Day View

How to load events? Using a DataProvider.

The control raise AJAX events like EventAdded, EventUpdated, EventDeleted so that you could update your datastore on them.

We continue working on it but it'll be available very soon.

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  1. Muy bueno!! Nos puede venir muy bien :D

  2. Pah, esto viene excelente.

  3. Quando este user control vai estar pronto?

  4. Gastón,

    Muy bueno.

    Eso va a ser un User Control, o un GeneXus Control?


  5. Hola gaston... Hoy me hay notado que lo pus el mismo nombre de su blog a mi blog (, fué completamente sin intencion, pero, como siguimos a la misma idea (Genexus) lo pergunto: Si molestate el nombre de mi blog, lo intento cambiarlo, si no, siguimos así, cada uno por si, pero con algo en comum :)